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About our Litters, Availability, Pricing and Information

Dixie (Red Merle - Natural Bobbitt Aussie) puppies are here. She as her new puppies are doing fine, all went well for being her 1st litter and foresee no concerns at this point. She had 2 - Tri-Red Females, 2 - Tri Red Males and 3 - Red Merle Females, absolutely gorgeous they are. A Litter picture is posted, individual pictures will not be posted until their eyes open so please do not ask until then they are just to small and brittle to handle that much it just will not happen for any reason for their own safety and health. They will go to their new homes after 8 weeks of age, around November 16th.

Daisy (Blue Merle) puppies due around 10/01/2018 would make them going to their new homes around 11/09/2018.
Keep checking back here for more information as it happens.

What we do for our puppies.

First and foremost all our Aussie's and their puppy's are apart of our family you could say our furry kids. Each and every time one of our girls has a litter I personally sit and sleep by the box with them during the whole process helping clean and dry each and every pup born checking all to make sure they are doing well. Giving total concern to the mother and her newborns is what we do each and every time. The mothers give birth in a whelping box designed with the need's and the puppy's needs in mind, it is heated for the puppy's need and has light so mommy can see her pups at night as well as so we can. Nothing is more important to us than our Aussie's needs and the puppy's needs at this point in time, they get total attention from us.

Please IF you are searching for a designer, show-off puppy do not bother calling us we allow adoption of our puppy's to those wanting friends not those who want "I want Blue eyed male/female big/small puppy that can dance and do tricks blah blah blah". Those phone calls or emails I either hang up on or reply we are out of puppy's. Any pet no matter what it maybe is first and foremost a commitment by you to them to love, care for and be their sole mate not just be their to show them off and tire of them later on.

All our puppies are vet cared for and are taken to the vet on their 3rd day for tail docking, dew claw removal and their first wellness check. They begin worming as required on their 2nd week with us (or begins once eyes open). At their 6 week mark they are again taking to the vet for their first round of shots and another wellness check up which includes hip check, eye check, feet and all around body check over. NO puppy leaves this house without being cleared by our vet. We do not do it ourselves like some, all exams, shots, directives are done by our vet. Puppies will have their AKC Re-Unite Micro-Chips fly by night chip but the real deal inserted by us (you only pay to register the chip, very reasonable). We love our dogs and their puppies, we take the time and effort to ensure you are getting a Healthy and Sound new friend.

AKC Pet Insurance

What you get from us with your new Aussie Puppy.

First and foremost you get our knowledge of the Breed and a 100% backing of help if needed.

All our puppies are AKC Registerable by you, these are pure bred standard size Australian Shepherd puppies. They come with their AKC paperwork at time of pickup, all puppy shots to the 8 week mark, de wormed at 2,4,6 and 8 weeks, tails docked, dew claws removed, Micro-Chip, Vet Clearance(A MUST BEFORE THEY LEAVE THIS HOUSE), Pedigree Paperwork, lots of information on the breed, a signed Health Agreement by us, pre spoiled, a puppy packet from the friendly AKC people and will be eating and drinking on their own prior to you taking them home. Potty Training is started but will need more on your part. Obedience Training is not provided by us but are shown the basics. They are kept outside and not in a kennel, they have the freedom to roam as they please so house breaking them is up to you but they will be broke in outside.

How do I reserve a puppy?

It is very easy. Once you decide on your puppy if you cannot come to our location then you will either call us or email us and we shall send a reservation form/deposit form with our information, Mother and Father information as well as your new puppies information your way for you to read and fill out if you decide to continue. The deposit amount is $100.00 in the form of a check made out to us. This check will not be cashed but held until you pick up your new puppy at which time it will be returned to you and full payment in cash will be excepted in return. The only reason the check would be cashed is if you broke your agreement with us then we would cash your deposit check as per the NO Refund clause. Once the forms are emailed your way you are granted a grace period of 5 days for the deposit to reach us your puppy choice will be marked as Pending. We ask you email or call us the day you put all in the mail so we maybe expecting it. Once received we shall send a signed receipt your way reflecting so and change the status to Adoption Pending. Very simple process.

Reservations start at the puppies 4 week mark (read further for exceptions to this rule). Why so late? More so for your benefit than ours. Understand Aussies Eye color and Coat color can and do change up until they are 6 months of age but around 4 weeks it is pretty much what it is going to be. The colors may get more pronounced but the basic color is there. Eyes on the other hand can change numerous times prior to 10 weeks of age but again at the 4 week mark generally are what they are going to be. If neither of those are of importance to you then we will accept reservations prior to the 4 week mark but if done your deposit will not be refunded due to change of colors and/or minds after a pup hits their 4 week mark as that is when we start advertising our pups for sale in other venues which would cause us to incur additional cost due to someone changing their minds after we have already advertised the litter.

Pricing and other Information.

All our puppies are AKC Registerable by you, these are pure bred standard size Australian Shepherd puppies. All puppies no matter whether they are Tri's or Merle's, Blue eyed or not, Male or Female will be the same price, $1000.00 (unless noted otherwise) we are not like some that have a floating price structure they are all no matter what they have or do not have the same in our minds. Please see the pictures below, price is by their picture when litters are available. Unlike others when you purchase a puppy from us the puppy is yours with full rights to do as you want. We hope if you decide to breed you understand fully the welfare of your friends needs over just the value of breeding her if you choice a female. The idea of one coat color or eye color or the fact one may or may not have Champion heritage blood in them is a reason to ask for a higher dollar amount does nothing more than prove to me that someone is in it for the dollar only and not for the love of the breed, that will never happen here. That may work in Racing Horses but in my mind not in Dogs all it does is prove that the possibility of a fine dog is their does not hold any proof that yours will be exactly like the ancestor it came from.

The above brings up another frequently asked question. Are your Aussies OFA certified and/or have they been hip and eye tested? Short answer Yes they have been tested by our Vet to be free of genetic concerns and fully able to breed. Have I certified them by the OFA group, NO. Why? First let me say I hold no ill feelings towards OFA but if you truly read the process you will find that once you take your dogs to your Vet, have them do all the work then send the x-rays to the OFA people they (key-word) Judge whether the dog is good or not by a scale they have. What would you trust more someone judging by a scale or a certified, well trained Veterinarian you have dealt with for years? You have our permission to contact our Vet at anytime to have our dogs credentials fully checked as well as any questions about us answered you may have.

I/We cannot stress enough, we are here to help you in any way we can pick the right Aussie for your lifestyle whether it is by color, by sex or by our experience with the breed. Ask questions please. Any animal is a commitment by you to be not only their Guardian but their Friend and Companion for their life for however long that me be they depend 100% on you for all things they may need. If at any time after you have purchased your new friend you find yourself unable to care for them we will gladly take them back to our care though you fully surrender them to us without repayment back to you. We do this for the animals sake not yours.

Please see Puppy Health Guarantee and Purchase Agreement. for additional information about our Aussie puppies.

Take a look at our Veterinary Protocol for our Aussies and their puppies here Veterinary Protocol

We have 7 Female AKC registered standard Australian Shepherds: Daisy, Brandy (Now Retired from Breeding), Molly, Penny, Dixie, Ruby, Lady. We have 2 Male AKC registered standard Australian Shepherds: Rusty and Riely. Puppies will be pictured below the Sire and Dam's pictures.

When inquiring about a specific puppy please use the name listed for them, you can change their name once it is yours but it is our way of knowing which puppy you are referring to when asking a question.


Here is Lord Riely (AKC Number: DN50605302 - AKC DNA #V835294) a Tri-Red male and Dixie Doodle (AKC Number: DN48046905 - AKC DNA #V823481) a Red Merle female.

HCA Lord Riely and Ms. Dixie Doodle

Riely and Dixie

Dixie September 2018 Litter

Click to Enlarge Picture

Read above for Pricing and any additional information please before contacting us, your question's are more than likely answered if you take a few minutes to read it but if they are not or you have more questions by all means go to our contact page to see how to get in touch with us.

You can take a look at past litters here, Our Past AKC Registered Australian Shepherds.