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Cleo.jpg Daisy's 2018 litterThumbnailsShiloh03Daisy's 2018 litterThumbnailsShiloh03Daisy's 2018 litterThumbnailsShiloh03

These are 9 of the most beautiful puppy's Daisy has had all doing woderful. As of this paoting 03/24/2018 all have been spoken for except for Cleo she is still waiting on her Forever Home but am sure she will find it soon, such a sweety...

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  • Jim McCann - Saturday 23 June 2018 13:46
    Cleo, now named Khloe was a surprise for us. We went to pick up one pup and left with 2. We could not be happier with this decision. The two pups play with each other and challenge each other. They have very different personalities. Khloe is so smart and learns quickly. She is bigger than Leesi but does not dominate her. While Leesi is a runner and full of energy, Khloe sits and watches, waiting for her chance to jump into action.

    I am not sure we could have gotten two more perfect animals.