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Tazz doing very well

tazz4.jpg ThumbnailsTazz doing very wellThumbnailsTazz doing very wellThumbnailsTazz doing very well

Tazz is doing great from what Jessica tels me, these are her comments and picutres. "Tazz has now earned his fifth title, and shown tons of promise in dock diving. He earned DM (“Dock Master”) in his first weekend of competition with NADD. He jumps consistently in the 22-24’ range, and earned an invite to Nationals. We didn’t get enough qualifying jumps this year to attend the event, but I’m already planning on it next year. He is now Red Pike Razzmatazz CAA BCAT CGC DM TKP. I’ve included a few photos, including one from this past weekend with our other Aussie where he won a bunch of toys for getting 2nd in a fun-jump competition." All I can add is Great Job toyou both....