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Honeycreek Australian Shepherds Puppy Deposit Form

Due to the fact some do not read all prior to doing things we will no longer use PayPal as a form of Payment for our puppies. Some where using it to put deposits on puppies prior to asking if they were still available causing problems when they where not. So for this reason I have suspended the use of Paypal. Read below please for how to proceed with getting your new puppy from us. If you have Zella that can be used just ask us for information.

It is very simple once you decide on your puppy just follow the directions below and we can get started on getting you your new friend.

Our Information

Ben and/or Linda McCune
HoneyCreek Australian Shepherds
474 NW 600th Rd.
Warrensburg, MO. 64093

What do I do and How do I proceed to hold a Puppy.

Once you decide on your puppy it is very easy to proceed. Just email us or call or text your choice the name of the puppy you desire and we will send a personalized form with the parents AKC numbers and puppy of choice information all attached to the deposit form with the agreement contract wording to you for you to read and follow instructions giving in it. I cannot stress enough please read all in the form we email you so you understand, ask questions if needed by email, text or phone call we are here to make your purchase of your new friend as easy as we can so help us help you.

Checks will be made Payable to: Ben or Linda McCune

At time of pickup please have Cash for the full amount, NO CHECKS will be accepted for the balance. Your original check for $100.00 will be returned to you so balance due is FULL payment. Only time check would be cashed is if you were to back out of the deal.

Your $100 deposit is non-refundable to assure us that you are serious and committed to getting your puppy! If the puppy becomes ill or does not pass the final vet checkups or something happens to the puppy while in our care your deposit will be refunded in full. We respect the fact that people have a life and are willing to arrange a pickup date that suits all parties with in a reasonable time frame after the puppies 8 week birthday, no puppy leaves here prior to that. If at the arranged time of pickup a good life reason for not picking your new puppy up will be accepted by us. Failing to notify us of not showing up at your arranged time in a timely manner will forfeit your rights to the puppy, your loss of your deposit and gives us FULL rights to try and find another home for the puppy in question. We are not hard to get along with and fully understand life's ups and downs, please notify us if a concerns happens on your expected pickup date.

We do not ship any of our puppies for their safety, final payment is made at the time you pick your puppy up. All needed documentation for AKC registration, vet documents, AKC dog information papers, 3 generation family history, a puppy food pack will be supplied, lots of information about your new puppy, Micro Chip (you register it but we have it installed), a complete print out of our Vet-Vaccination's giving-Health notes if any-worming done and more all at time of pickup. Though your new puppy will be socialized among our family, training is up to you whether it is household or working dog or show dog these aspects are up to you we offer no training besides what they get in normal day to day activity. Potty training takes time but they will have the first aspects of it the rest will be up to you to teach them, they are eager and willing to learn all they can from you.