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Tuxedo Romeo (Tux)

Tuxedo_Romeo_3.JPG Rusty and Daisy's 2016 litterThumbnailsTuxedo Romeo (Tux)Rusty and Daisy's 2016 litterThumbnailsTuxedo Romeo (Tux)

These are some pictures of one of our puppies we called Tux. The note we got from Beth about Tux is as follows.

"Hi Benny and Linda,
I thought you might want to see how Tux has grown! In the 2 months we've had him he has more than tripled his size. He was about 6 pounds when we got him and is now pushing 20+. He is absolutely beautiful and such a joy - full of personality!! And yes, he has us wrapped around his little paw. Actually, he has learned a lot and is very smart - and stubborn. Remember how you thought he would turn darker? He is actually getting light brown streaks on his back - very striking! I tried to get a picture so you could see the coloring better, but he just doesn't stand or sit still very long.

He is such a little lover that we had to name him Tuxedo Romeo - a name that fits him well! I honestly didn't know if it would be possible to love another dog like I loved my last one - but Tux has won my heart

Thanks for such a wonderful dog!

Beth & Russell"

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