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Honeycreek Australian Shepherds
Welcome to Honeycreek Aussie's


Honeycreek Australian Shepherds

Welcome to Honeycreek Aussie's

Who are we? A little about us.

Hello, my name is Ben I do the website stuff around here so if there are any mistakes you notice first please let me know, second I take full blame for it. My wife's name is Linda both of us over the years (Retired and enjoying it) have had many pets of different types that we have raised for pleasure not just for money alone but because we love one and all of them.


Dogs have always been the for front of our joy. Having out lived now since we have been together 3 types of dogs. Our first one's where a loving pair of Miniature Schnauzers a great pleasure they where when they where with us, long since passed on now. The second where a wonderful pair of Great Danes oh how I miss them both now gone from us about a year and a half now.

But now for over a year we have these lovely, playful jewels. Three Australian Shepherds, Blue Merle (Daisy), Red Merle (Brandy) and Tri-Black male (Rusty). I personally have had the pleasure of more dogs than listed here over my years but I have to say these are jewels without a doubt. Playful, loving, loyal, very smart sometimes to smart and just a joy to have around. Yes they can be a handful at times but the laughter and joy they re pay you with is worth it just do not ask me if that is so when they are a bit more than I can handle at times as I will give you a different response then.

Growing up on a working farm is what both the wife and I did with all that goes along living and breathing farm life. I was active in 4H as well as my wife. My father and I raised, broke, bred and sold horses as well as cattle, the wife the same along with other farm animals.

Right or wrong other than a dog my first real pet I had was a racoon kit I found by his mother who had a mis-fortunate accident. I raised this little one until adult hood at which time one day he was just gone I am sure nature called and he had to go check it out, I was glad at the time I could do what I could for him.

Since that time and mostly while married to Linda we have raised a lot of different things besides dogs. I got a passion for birds so I built a Aviary room in another house we owned in the basement area. It housed from Cockatiel's to Parrots and some things in between. I also jumped into reptiles about the same time having from Snakes to Lizards of all types around the house. Then I got into Ferrets, Prairie dogs and other things. I think you get the point here, have always been around some type of animal, just love them all.

Honeycreek Farm

Where are we?

About the farm.

We purchased this place back in 1999, we had been looking for another home for a while. Some place that we both could stretch out, un-wind after a long day and just soak it in a bit. We found this little place in the country rather in no where's ville as we have been told and fell in love with it. Located in Central Missouri about 8 miles north of Warrensburg, Missouri a college town where Central Missouri State University is located this is now where we call home.

It is not a big place just around the 10 acre mark but our wonderful neighbor owns roughly 1000 acres and gives us pretty much full run to whatever we want to do with in reason. A creek runs just a little away from our house, guess what it's name is? Yes that is correct, Honeycreek where our name comes from. The area has a lot of history to it, Indian history, settler history and Bee history. Yes the name Honeycreek came from them as I am told. Settlers use to gather from the woodland area honey from the bees located in the big Oak trees around here.

I was also told Jesse James ran through the area as there is a small cave back in the woodlands, maybe a hideout, maybe some treasure hidden who knows. But at any rate lot's of history here and now tons of memories I would not want to be without. Three Daughters a Son, 9 Grandkids and 1 Great Grand son yes lots of memories here I would not trade for the world.

Enough about myself and my wife, your here for dogs and one of the best Australian Shepherds. Look around, feel free to contact me if you have any questions as I will be very glad to help you if I can

We are proud to be Members of:

  • AKC - American Kennel Club
  • AKC - Bred with H.E.A.R.T. Breeder
  • USASA - United States Australian Shepherd Association
  • ASHGI - Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute
  • MPBA - Missouri Pet Breeders Association
  • OFFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
  • USASF - United States Australian Shepherd Foundation
  • Royal Canin
  • Purina Pro Club

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