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Leesi and Khloe going home

Leesi_Cleo_01.jpg Leesi and Khloe going homeThumbnailsLeesi and Khloe going homeThumbnailsLeesi and Khloe going homeThumbnails

Leesi and Khloe going to there new forever home with Jim and Robbie. They look so comfortable and happy with them.

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  • Jim McCann - Sunday 8 April 2018 18:10
    10 minutes into a 4.5 hour drive. They slept like this all the way home.

    Once they got home they were ready to play. Louie, our Italian Greyhound, (9 years old), was a little sceptic at first. After Day 1 he got into playing. They all 3 love to play outside. They also love sleeping under the end tables. We are going to have to find a way to tie up some wires.

    Getting 2 dogs was the way to go. They play constantly. It is a little rough on Mom and Dad, but having BOTH grandkids, (ages 1 and 6), did add to the work on days one and 2.

    They BOTH love there new home.