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Recently received an update on Jemma from Asylynn so I will post the pictures as well as here story.

"Very different from the shy puppy we met on the day we picked her up! She wants to play with every dog she sees as well as meet every person she walks by. People are always wanting to pet her and are always commending her on how well-behaved she is for a 4 month old pup. Don’t get me wrong, she has been VERY naughty at times, however has learned the meaning of “no” and is learning every day. She learned how to sit, shake, and lay down all within the first two weeks we had her. She LOVES to cuddle with her me, but is fond of Riley too. She has learned the sound of Riley’s pick-up horn and runs to wait by the door to greet him after work. She is absolutely terrified of cardboard boxes, LOVES car rides, and HATES baths. She loves to be wherever the action is at, whether that be in the bathroom while we shower or in the kitchen while we cook. She is also a huge fan of belly rubs and ice cubes.

She has started to lose a couple teeth and is growing quickly. She was 15 lbs last month at the vet (3 months old). We have had a little trouble with roundworms, and are due to take another stool sample this week. Not uncommon, just haven’t been able to fully rid her of them! She is up to date on vaccinations and has been getting her Heartworm pill monthly.

Mostly, we want you to know she is very well-loved around here. We’re not quite sure how we ever were without her! We can’t thank you enough for allowing her to be ours.

Ashlynn & Riley"

Very nice, she is gorgeous. So happy for all.

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  • bmccune12 - Sunday 16 September 2018 21:26
    Beautiful picture, does all the justice to her she deserves. Love it....