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Honeycreek Australian Shepherds
Welcome to Honeycreek Aussie's

Welcome to Honeycreek Standard AKC Australian Shepherds

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Our Contact Information and some General Information about us.

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  • HoneyCreek Australian Shepherds
  • Ben and Linda McCune
  • 474 NW 600th Rd.
  • Warrensburg, Missouri 64093
  • Home: (660) 362-0221 (this is NOT a cell phone so no messaging)
  • Email us at:

Information on our puppies

Buying our puppies

What to expect when purchasing a puppy from us.

  • A little forward information that you may be asking yourself about our puppy purchasing platform.
  • First and foremost we are not a puppy mill, our puppies are here and sold only at the complete safety of there parents it is not our desire nor goal to have our pets as money makers they are our love first and foremost always. With that in mind we try very hard to screen prospective owners of our puppies to ensure there well being. If it sounds like during our talk we are trying to talk you out of buying a puppy it is only to make sure you know with out a doubt a Australian Shepherd is what you want and/or need.
  • We would rather lose the sale of one of our puppies than put them into the wrong home plain and simple.
  • We will not ship a puppy in anyway or form of. Personal pickup is the only way you will get one of our puppies no if's and's or but's.
  • If you see a puppy listed that you feel you cannot do without we will be more than happy to save them for you until they are ready to go. This will require a $100.00 NON Refundable (if you change your mind) deposit mailed to us to hold your puppy. Again unless something happens on our end this is NON refundable for any reason, we saved the puppy for you which means we may have lost a home for them will doing so. This is why we make sure as possible before hand a Australian Shepherd is what you want.

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