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The Registration of your new puppy

AKC versus ACA, APRI and others

What matters and what does not in my personal opinion.

The content to follow is my personal thought on the matter of dogs registered through the AKC (American Kennel Club) versus the ACA (American Canine Club) or any of the other clubs that are out there. I do not wish to get into a shouting match with anyone it is only my intention to give my own point of view here.

To start with let us define what the AKC is per their Mission statement located here American Kennel Club. Summarized as follows:

The American Kennel Club is dedicated to upholding the integrity of its Registry, promoting the sport of purebred dogs and breeding for type and function. Founded in 1884, the AKC® and its affiliated organizations advocate for the purebred dog as a family companion, advance canine health and well-being, work to protect the rights of all dog owners and promote responsible dog ownership.

The following is from the WikiDifference site found here Wiki Difference as it explains much better than I could.

What is AKC?

The American Kennel Club also known as the AKC is one of the most accepted canine registries in America. They are reputed to require high standards, proof and documentation for their registration as well as DNA samples from the dogs to examine whether they have been heavily bred. Usually, an AKC registered dog is considered as purebred, and the pedigree or lineage of the dog is available for all to see. Also, most of these dogs have specific health clearances as well such as CERF, OFA etc. also, AKC does not practice illegitimate registries such as the registration of mutts or registering a previously unregistered dog. And they do not accept new dogs not from AKC parents unless they are cross-registered from another country's equivalent of registry as well.

What is ACA and the others?

The American Canine Club also known as the ACA is a dog registry that is not much reputed or is not well accepted because of its lower standards and its reputation of being a vanity registry designed to beguile unsuspecting puppy buyers. It is said that ACA is just one of the many dog registries that sprang up when the AKC started demanding more documentation for registration, pulling down puppy mills and even refusing to register certain dogs that had been heavily breeding. ACA is reputed as not demanding any proof as to whether the dog is pure breed, about its health, etc and so, ACA is often regarded as an unreliable registry and people are discouraged from purchasing puppies from them.

What is the difference between AKC and ACA?

While ACA remains in the background, AKC is the most reputable registry of all. This is because of the fact that AKC registration is more demanding in terms of more documentation, proof and also it is expensive as well. Yet ACA does not require any documentation nor proof to determine whether the dog is purebred or not. It is also more cheaper and more accessible as it does not have strict rules and regulations regarding the registration process.

Also, AKC does not register outside dogs while it only registers dogs who were bred from their earlier AKC registered ones. However there is one exception. If the dog is cross-registered from another country's equivalent of registry, however the dog stands a chance of receiving the prestigious AKC registration.

Yet a AKC registration does not provide any guarantee whether the dog that one wishes to buy fits in to a certain criteria or not. These registrations are only there for the purpose of keeping track of a dogs lineage and processing the breeding of purebreds for longer periods of time. Yet the aim of ACA is to provide the dogs owner with a fancy certificate which proves neither the dogs breed nor its condition. Therefore, a registration of any sort would not be any sort of a guarantee. It is but a form of social status for dogs.

Yet however, whether the dog has an AKC or ACA or no registration at all, it is important that one loves and cherishes them all the same. For a true dog lover the breed of the dog nor its pedigree does not matter. The only thing that matters is that they provide the dog with the love and care that the dogs so deserve.


  1. AKC is the oldest most accepted and reputable dog registry whereas ACA is not considered as a registration with quality.
  2. AKC keeps track of a dogs lineage. ACA aims to provide the dog owner with a mere fancy certificate.
  3. AKC nor ACA provides no proof that the certain dog is healthy, well fed or not, etc.
  4. Yet AKC remains to be the most reputable registration which provides the dog with a higher status than other dogs.

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It boils down to what it is you desire from your pet really though our stance is AKC rules over all. Remember this IF you desire to enter your pet into National Dog shows it MUST be AKC registered to do so. IF you wish to do any AKC dog trials they must be AKC registered. If you desire to know your pet is a pure bred then your best chance of having this is through the AKC registration process.

I am not going to say that mistakes do not occurring, cheating is not happening I am just going to say that if you want as close to 100% assurance your new friend IS what it is suppose to be and have ALL the rights to do as you want with your new friend then AKC is your best choice, none of the other clubs will give you this, NONE....

All of our Aussie's are AKC Registerable by you once you take your new friend home any concern's or problems during the registration process you may have and there should be none I will be very glad to help you with. All papers, documents and how to guides are provided directly to you by us on pickup of your new friend. We can walk you through the registration at time of pickup on our computer if you need the help, not a problem at all.

The biggest most important thing here to remember is get what you deserve when you purchase your new friend, get the most you can and that is only going to be through the AKC - American Kennel Club, no other club offers what it does, no other club can match the 100% guarantee your new friend IS what it is suppose to be like they can. Lastly NO OTHER clubs value of the breed should be priced higher than a AKC registered puppy as they just do not cut the mustard in knowing your dog is pure in breed standards.....

Registration Services Classified as "Unreputable, Beware of Breeders advertising their puppies/dogs via these Registration Services.

  1. AAPBA.....All American Premier Breeds Assoc. (American Pit Bull)
  2. ACA.....American Canine Association
  3. ANDR.....American National Dog Registry
  4. APRI....American Pet Registry, Inc.
  5. APR.....American Pit Bull Registry
  6. APBR.....American Pit Bull Registry
  7. ARU.....Animal Registry Unlimited
  8. CKC.....Continental Kennel Club (not the Canadian Kennel Club)
  9. CRCS.....Canine Registration and Certification Services
  10. DRA.....Dog Registry of America
  11. FIC.....Federation of International Canines
  12. NAMBR...North American Mixed Breed Registry
  13. NAPDR.....North American Purebred Dog Registry
  14. NKC.....National Kennel Club
  15. UABR.....United All Breed Registry
  16. UKCI.....Universal Kennel Club International
  17. WWKC.....World Wide Kennel Club

Questionable registries:

  1. BFK/BFKC.....Bona fide Kennel Club
  2. IABCA.....International All Breed Canine Association of America
  3. SDR.....Sporting Dog Registry

This is just a small list to help and guide you when purchasing your new friend, by no means think this is all as their are more this is just the most common used by some.

Think on this while you are searching. AKC is the main, legitimate organization as well as a few others. They require ALL male dogs that produce over 3 litters a year to be DNA tested to maintain the breed integrity. If any breeder with AKC registrations does not abide by their rules they stand the chance of losing the ability of registering their litters as well as losing AKC privileges. SO with this in mind WHY would any breeder dual register a dog? Answer in short, cheaper, less rules, less of a headache and no one to interfere in their business.

I may catch some flack over the above but I feel it is very important for the breed no matter what it is, for the new owner and most of all for the animal in question no matter the breed it may be.

I cannot stress enough, do your homework prior to purchasing your new friend. Make sure you are getting what you are paying for and make sure the person you buy from has the animal in mind and not just their pocket book.

One last thing I want to mention as I truly hate them that go down this path. Buying your new friend from a Pet Store is supporting in my personal belief Puppy Mills as NO reputable breeder would sell their puppies to a Pet Store. Please whether from us or another good breeder buy your new friend from a known, good, established person that has the animals well being in mind and not the ole mighty dollar.

Thank you for reading, hope I have helped, Ben

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