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Honeycreek Australian Shepherds Veterinary Care.

Our Dogs and their Puppy's Veterinary Care Giving.

Here is our Vet we have been using since our Aussies came to us. We highly recommend them if you are close to them. If you desire to check with them about us you are more than welcome to. All our own Aussies and their puppies go here for yearly check ups as well as all puppy needs. We do no Vet work on our own, all Vaccinations, Exams or anything needed they do for us. We take no chances with our Aussies or their puppy's.

Warrensburg Animal Hospital

Phone: (660)747-5162
Address. 316 W Young Ave
Warrensburg, Missouri 64093

What our Aussies have done, Yearly or as needed.

  • All our Aussies go in at least Yearly for their routine exams, checking Eyes, Hips, Ears. Routine Vaccinations as required for Rabies, Distemper, Parvo and all needed vaccinations.

  • Our Females are double checked for their health and well being during, after and before any mating will occur or has occurred.

All Honeycreek Australian Puppies get the following:

  • Before 3 days old they will have their tails docked, dew claws removed and their 1st wellness exam.

  • At 2 weeks old they have their first round of de worming and wellness checks.

  • At somewhere around the 3 week they begin to get introduced to our blend of Nutrients and dog food. They are still on their mothers milk we just begin to help them off of her as well as give the vital nutrients they need to grow healthy and strong.

  • At 4 weeks of age they get their first round of shots, de worming, ears and eye checks, wellness checks.

  • At 5 weeks they are beginning to desire to play, walk around and explore the environment they are in and are now getting introduced to the outside world of our enclosed porch. This is the first steps in helping you to potty train them. They will not be 100% potty trained when you pick them up, they will make mistakes but will have the beginning stages of it as well as socialization with our other Aussies and family members. Life for them in the real world begins.

  • At 6 weeks of age they get their 2nd round of shots, de worming, ears and eye checks, wellness checks.

  • At the 8th week mark they go in for their last wellness check-ups before they can be released to their new Forever Homes. They will not be released to their new Forever Homes until our Vet says they are ready to go.

  • Our Vet requires the next round of shots to be done at their 10 week old mark, this will be up to you and this is the very important one. Parvo, Rabies and other life threatening disease are vaccinated for at this time. PLEASE get them to your Vet, do not miss this one if your Vet is as ours. It is for your sake and the puppies health that these are done as some of these diseases are contagious to you and/or transmittable to other animals as well as picked up from other animals they come in contact with as well as transmittable by visitors to see them by their clothing they wear.

Questions we have been asked before is have they been eye and hip checked for certification purposes. Short answer no. Why? You are not suppose to do those testings or begin to do those test prior to the dog being 6 months old as they would be inconclusive so there is no point at 8 weeks of age in doing them.

What you should ask is has the parents been checked. Not always as in 100% but at most times these are genetic concerns so the probability of having these concerns is passed down to them, that is what you should be concerned with, genetic transfer of the concerns. Our Aussies have been tested and have passed their respective tests.

Myself, my Wife or our Vet are here to answer any question you may have on our pups or our adult Aussies we can. I am not a Vet nor do I claim to be one. I am just as is my wife very proud to have this breed of dog in our life, dearly adore them, admire their sole desire to please their partner (you) in life and will do whatever I can to maintain the breed standard as I for one think the Aussie is one of the best breeds out there.

I hope to hear from you about one of our Aussies or any question you may have regarding the breed I will do my best to answer it. Please looking around the website as there is a ton of information in it about the breed, us and our Aussies. Drop your Aussie story our way for printing on the site or your Aussie picture for introduction into the Gallery section. As long as it pertains to Australian Shepherds I will do my best to get it listed somewhere in the website.

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